Annika kleinAnnika was the only kitten out of our first NFO-litter and we fell in love with her nice coloured tortie face immediately. Of course she had to stay!

Annika inhereted lots of things from her father Uno av Sandrabben, she has his expression and ears and, very important, a very sweet character. She enjoys live as a happy neuter!

  Name: Annika van de Toverbal
  Date of birth: 31-05-2006
  EMS-code: NFO f
  Father: SC Uno av Sandrabben (NFO n)
  Mother: Nunchku Michiko Yoshi (NFO f 09 22)
  Pedigree: Click here


Annika 10 weeks oldAnnika, 10 weeks old

Annika december 2006Annike, december 2006

Annika maart 2011Annika outside in the new catrun, spring 2011