Emmerdale 059 kleinIt was my wish to have a beautiful blue tabby NFO for a long time. And now my dream has become true, we’re so happy that we’ve got the opportunity to be the new owners of Emmerdale, a true beauty in blue with a fantastic pedigree!

Emmerdale has got a straight profile, big and well-placed ears with XL-tufts and a great NFO-expression. We’re very excited to follow her developement. Her character is great, she behaves as if she has been here all the time. Kerstin, thank you for this beautiful girl!

Name:  CH.  S*Just Catnap’s Emmerdale
Date of birth: 31-03-2011
EMS-code: NFO a 03 23
Father: Fin*FoxyPaw’s Idol‘s Eye (NFO ns 03 22)
Mother: S*Just Catnap’s Kashaya (NFO n 24)

Emmerdale, november 2011

Emmerdale augustus '11c———————–

Emmerdale, august 2011

Emmerdale augustus '11a—————————-

Emmerdale, at her first show in Sweden

Emmerdale show Sweden————————-

Emmerdale, 10 weeks old

Emmerdale102  10 weeks